Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ah the time has passed!

Oh it has been a great amount of time since I have posted on my blog!

So where do I start.....

Well I had an amazing summer. Got to skate a crap ton! Chilled with the Fairfield Friends, had plenty of camp outs and many people crammed into my room for "Tuesday Crash at Brumley's night", and of course went on great trips, both skate and relax. Went to b
owling green with my good friend Eli Reams and his dad Tom Reams! Also went to Tennessee to visit Talons grandma and eat her amazing famous brownies! But also the most amazing part of Tennessee, besides the randomly placed meth labs, is the sky. I'm used to the super tight light pollution of the city, but out there the stars are as if you can reach them and you ca
nt help to look in awe at them. My other favorite of the Tennessee adventure was the "local pool" and/or swimming hole. Sweet zip line and cliff jump.

Colerain Skatepark Opens!
As soon as I caught wind of this news I came as fast as I could! Super stoked that the Cinci
nnati skate community has a bowl worth skating! The lines in the flow bowl make you think about new things that you would have never thought of! Now if you can go before 2P.M
then you can have a great sesh. But after 2 you probs should take a baseball bat to fight off the snakes and "hood" little kids. Colerain is a tight park and I look forward to skating that more in the future!

Fall Fickle Trip!
Josh Viles KILLED IT! He def kept everyone stoked the whole trip. But yeah man!
5 parks 3 days 2 vans and a case of red bull!
Super stoked to have Kris Link on the team!
Whole trip was awesome. Mega funny when we smuggled whole gallons of soda to the room. We also had a sweet hotel setup with a movie theater! Had mega fun and i'm pretty sure Kris became a man on the trip, didn't check for chest hair but i know its there! I have no idea why but Josh and Wes love the floor? Weird but i can digg it.
Oh the B-Van! Matt, wes, josh, riley, ian, mini seth and myself! It was tight! Totallll Eclipse of the Heart. On loop. Every minute. That we drove in the van. I'm pretty sure that that song has burnt itself into my ears. Oh and please don't insult Godzilla in front of mini seth. He knows ancient juggler punches! But to his defense I did almost kill him while blasting an air.

Back to Tennessee.
Went back to visit grandma a second time in October. It was a pretty laid back trip. Almost wrecked a jeep, went "muddin", campfires, and a little flat ground skating. It was a pretty fun week, very relaxing.

I'm back just chillin at home. Helped Matt Simpson move his sweet 4ft vert/mega ramp haha.
Trying to figure things out with the transititon form my house to the ross house. Pretty stoked to try to start something different.

I feel that I have great things coming my way!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Backyard Snowboard course?

As of 10 mins ago I discovered that I have hardwood flooring under my nasty carpet. There for I am going to build a snowboard run in the backyard with a kicker and rail to top it off. Can I hear a lawsuit? Oh yes more than likely but untill that $1,000,000 suit is knocking on my door, just know that brumley is doing the impossable and snowboarding in the summer!!..

P.S. All are welcome at the brumley house!!

Hotel Brumley

Why is it that every night of my week at least one person is at my house? I mean I love the company, buttttt one night of peace would be amazing! And so it is true I believe in the powers of Karma, so as long as a friend is in need of a place to stay I will always be willing to contradict myself once more.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ipod Ears

I am a person who is guilty of the ""ipod ears"" I listen to my Ipod as i skate. Usually the way i skate depends on the music i listen to. If i'm kinda laid back and mellow skating then its something slow or mellow i'm listening to. If im skating with good flow then its probs like a hip hop song, love the underground rap! If i skate fast and kinda look mad and focused its punkrock music. Fun Fact of the day. Thats why i dont hear you and also skate differently every 5 minutes!!:]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Being fit and fancy

Yesterday I actually got up early and went running? Yeah I was surprised! It was great! I felt free and alive. So I take this amazing 2 mile or so run. Then at the end I stop at the doughnut spot and completely destroy every calorie I just burned. Hahaha ohhh ME!!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Centerville Skatepark

In a little giant town known as Centerville their is a skatepark. This so called park is a bowl riders dream. If you can out gang the bikers or go extra early, you can get super good run's in. No rails. No crazy break you leg stairs. Just 3 amazing bowls and a Pool Style Bowl! Even tho this park has already tried to bring me down, I know im gonna have a super fun time in the future sessions to come.

Late nights at my house..

Totally sitting here bored out of my mine at some random hour of the morning. I still have this GNARRLY giant welt of swelling on my ankle. But i keep eating my Oreo's and milk and watch skate vids to keep myself occupied. Soooooo being the hard headed kid I am i'll probs be skating tomorrow again.