Thursday, June 24, 2010

Backyard Snowboard course?

As of 10 mins ago I discovered that I have hardwood flooring under my nasty carpet. There for I am going to build a snowboard run in the backyard with a kicker and rail to top it off. Can I hear a lawsuit? Oh yes more than likely but untill that $1,000,000 suit is knocking on my door, just know that brumley is doing the impossable and snowboarding in the summer!!..

P.S. All are welcome at the brumley house!!

Hotel Brumley

Why is it that every night of my week at least one person is at my house? I mean I love the company, buttttt one night of peace would be amazing! And so it is true I believe in the powers of Karma, so as long as a friend is in need of a place to stay I will always be willing to contradict myself once more.