Friday, May 28, 2010

Ipod Ears

I am a person who is guilty of the ""ipod ears"" I listen to my Ipod as i skate. Usually the way i skate depends on the music i listen to. If i'm kinda laid back and mellow skating then its something slow or mellow i'm listening to. If im skating with good flow then its probs like a hip hop song, love the underground rap! If i skate fast and kinda look mad and focused its punkrock music. Fun Fact of the day. Thats why i dont hear you and also skate differently every 5 minutes!!:]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Being fit and fancy

Yesterday I actually got up early and went running? Yeah I was surprised! It was great! I felt free and alive. So I take this amazing 2 mile or so run. Then at the end I stop at the doughnut spot and completely destroy every calorie I just burned. Hahaha ohhh ME!!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Centerville Skatepark

In a little giant town known as Centerville their is a skatepark. This so called park is a bowl riders dream. If you can out gang the bikers or go extra early, you can get super good run's in. No rails. No crazy break you leg stairs. Just 3 amazing bowls and a Pool Style Bowl! Even tho this park has already tried to bring me down, I know im gonna have a super fun time in the future sessions to come.

Late nights at my house..

Totally sitting here bored out of my mine at some random hour of the morning. I still have this GNARRLY giant welt of swelling on my ankle. But i keep eating my Oreo's and milk and watch skate vids to keep myself occupied. Soooooo being the hard headed kid I am i'll probs be skating tomorrow again.